Putting An End To A Dangerous Marriage

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Marriage is something which makes us think about a couple living happily ever after. While that is the notion which makes people get married in the first place, not everyone is lucky enough to live in such a fairytale. There are those who have to give up their marriage, sometimes in a surprisingly short period of time, because they realize they cannot live with each other. It is normal to see people falling out of love and ending their marriage.While some people realize this mismatch between them in a completely peaceful manner there are those who realize this in a very violent manner. Usually, this happens because one partner turns out to be an abuser, who somehow makes the other suffer a lot. If that is the case with a marriage, one should know about the steps one has to take in order to put an end to such a dangerous marriage.

Legally Ending the Marriage
The first step, of course, should be legally ending the marriage. This step has to be taken as soon as possible if you want to start living a life where you do not have to get abused anymore. There are a lot of good divorce lawyers Melbourne who can help you achieve this goal without having to go through much trouble. Taking too long to end the marriage could be bad for you. If you are the abused one you can easily get this done. However, a good attorney is needed in case your abusive partner does not want to let go of you.

Taking Care of the Children
This is a very important step for a couple with kids. When one partner is an abusive one there are times when the abuse extends to the children as well. Even if this person does not hurt the children in any way watching one of their parents abusing the other can be a trauma for them too. You need to take care of your children. Especially, you should get full custody for your children.

Dividing of the Assets
At the end of every marriage, the assets should be divided. If there is an existing agreement about the division of assets property settlement lawyers Sandringham can enforce it. However, if there is not, you need to get a good attorney to get what is yours. You cannot let your abusive partner to take away all you have with the end of the marriage. You need to cover all of these steps when you are putting an end to a dangerous marriage. legal-hire