Love And Marriage

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Love is an emotion people all around the world celebrate every day. Every kind of love is treasured. When it comes to romantic love, it’s the one most talked about. Even in the past, in the medieval era, during the monarchies, during the world wars, it’s something that made people write stories about. They wrote poem and songs and plays. And It has not stopped. There are probably millions and millions of love songs written in this world, whether by a super star who wants to sing about something everyone can relate or a man very much in love with someone or a woman who can’t find a better way profess her love. There are countless stories written about people falling in love. Even though love is an emotion that has been here as long as humans have been on this world, the novelty of it has not been decreased. It’s still one of the most beautiful emotions we feel in our lifetimes. One of the most common ways people celebrate love is by getting venue hire When We Were KidsMarriage is something we hear about ever since we were babies. We see it and we watch movies about it. Even in movies for little kids, love is an emotion that’s celebrated. The princess and the prince get married and live happily ever after, the hero gets the girl and they ride off to the sunset together and the stubborn man proposes to the love of his love and gets married are the endings we saw in most of the movies. In real life too, we saw love. We experienced love, firsthand and through others. We went to weddings of our friends, our relatives, weddings in beautiful wedding venues and gorgeous decorations. When We Grow UpAs we grow up, the notion about love in our mind changes. We experience heartbreak and disappointment. Just like love, heartbreak is talked about too. There are a limitless number of love songs about heartbreak, people cheating on each other, people giving up on their relationships and people leaving each other in the middle of the night. We see all this and we get disheartened. We get scared of love. We hurt ourselves and our romantic partners deliberately because we’re scared. But we still go to weddings with small wedding reception venues in Melbourne, weddings with lovely decorations and we cry because getting married is still as magical as it was before. When We Work Hard What we don’t see as we grow up and we start seeing love in a different way is that happiness does not just come to people who do nothing. If we want something we have to work for it. Love comes and goes, but through relationships and bonds, we can make it stay. Getting married is beautiful. Weddings are beautiful. But unless we work hard and put effort into making our relationships work, there won’t be a wedding for us. Love is beautiful and it wins, every day.